360 degree experience! Hida Takayama Retro Museum

Two people born in Heisei (1980s) go to the old-fashioned school area.
In front of you, you will enter a retro classroom with wooden desks and chairs,
Soroban abacus, xylophone, uniforms, etc. that will make you say “I have never seen it!”.

【Member benefits】Bring back memories! Takayama Retro Museum

Travel back in time into the Showa era, even if you don’t know much about it, you will like it!
1 minute walk from the Old Private Houses street, you will find the Hida Takayama Retro Museum full of Showa retro goods.
Two people born in Heisei are absorbed in watching, playing, touching, and experiencing.
Why don’t you travel back in time to Showa?

【Member benefits】Fresh? Nostalgic? Everyone can enjoy “Hida Takayama Retro Museum”

Hida Takayama Retro Museum, a new tourist attraction in Hida Takayama. Why don’t you experience a part of the museum with a 360 degree camera? The more you look, the more you discover & learn in just 5 minutes.

Hida Retro Museum
4-7 Shinmeicho, Takayama City, Gifu 506-0821
Business hours / 10: 00-16: 00
Adult admission fee / 700 yen
Child admission fee / 500 yen
Adult admission fee for people with disabilities / 600 yen
Children with disabilities admission fee / 400 yen
Group adult admission fee / 500 yen  * From 20 people
Group children admission fee / 300 yen * From 20 people
Official homepage/https://retromuseum.jp