Veteran guide will introduce Goshikigahara Forest, the foot of Mt. Norikura,

Walk in the magnificent nature and listen to stories about the forest. You can also learn about the splendour of nature through mountain lodges that use hydroelectric power and mountain trails that were built without using heavy machinery.

360 degree experience! Goshikigahara no Mori-Through the Forest-

Go on an expedition to the unexplored region of Hida!
Goshikigahara Forest displays wonderful views of nature but is a protected geopark and cannot be entered by the general public without a certified forest guide.

【Member benefits】A historic forest with all five senses, the foot of Mt. Norikura, the Goshikigahara Forest

Enter the mountain with a forest guide and come in contact with the all of the magnificent plant and animal life. It is a full-scale nature trail area that is a well known hiking destination and an easy mountain to climb.

【Member benefits】360 degree experience! Forest Goshikigahara -People and Forest-

Goshikigahara Forest is blessed with various charms and has a rich natural appearance.We will walk and listen to Mr. Tsukamoto, a forest guide (certified guide), about the mechanism of the Goshikigahara Forest, which is kind to both people and nature.

【Member benefits】360 degree experience! Forest Goshikigahara -Forest on various side-

The forest that spreads over lava of different ages, which has flowed down due to repeated volcanic activity at Mt. Norikura, has various expressions including a broad-leaved forest area, a rugged area with huge stones, a mossy area, a pond, and a waterfall.

【Member benefits】360 degree experience! Forest Goshikigahara -A guide on a special road-

Goshikigahara Forest extends to about 3,000 hectares at the northwestern foot of Chubusangaku National Park.

There are many ways to enjoy the magnificent nature that tickles your adventurous spirit.
These include a tunnel of beautiful autumn leaves, a large tree towering over a megalith and a suspension bridge without railings.

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