The delicious and fun bar Dekonaru Yokocho,

Takoyaki, Gyoza dumplings, Tempura and Jibie game dishes… The alley is lined with specialty stalls and is crowded with people of all ages.

360 degree experience! Dekonaru Yokocho -alley Tour-

The distance between the owner and the customer is close, and the owner’s personality and skills will heal your heart and naturally make you smile.
Inside the shop, local regular customers talk about Takayama and enjoy talking with a friendly owner. Here is where Customers meet for the first time and become friends!
The fun begins tonight!

【Member benefits】Gourmet food, sake, humanity … Drink tonight at Dekonaru Yokocho!

A 5-minute walk from the Old Private Houses street, “Dekonaru Yokocho” is a collection of 16 restaurants and entertainment venues.
The owner of each stall serves fantastic meals, and this place is full of smiles and liveliness.
The alley is a place where you can experience the “taste” and “humanity” of Hida Takayama. Why don’t you come and see for yourself?

【Member benefits】360 degree experience! Dekonaru Yokocho-Shops you must check out-

Enjoy the taste of the season and watch the skill of the owner over the counter.
The real thrill of the alley is that the customers come together and enjoy each other’s company.Of course, there are also bars where you can feel at home, and pubs with relaxed environment that women can feel comfortable entering evenalone.
Find your favorite restaurant!

Takayama Street food Stall Village Dekonaru Yokocho
24 Asahimachi, Takayama City, Gifu 506-0017
(East side of Takayama Citizen's Square, opposite Izakaya Kinone)
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