Retro Museum

360 degree experience! Hida Takayama Retro Museum

Do you know how to use the super rare 〇〇 machine?
Two people born in Heisei (1980s) go to the old-fashioned school area.
In front of you, you will enter a retro classroom with wooden desks and chairs,
Soroban abacus, xylophone, uniforms, etc. that will make you say “I have never seen it!”.
“What is this ??” A super rare 〇〇 machine has appeared.
Do you know what it is?
You will be curious about the nostalgic goods such as the amusement arcade, barber , figure corners, etc.!
If you are from the Showa generation, this is highly recommended!

Playback time5 minutes
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A simulated experience of unknown scenery.